1. Musical genres (styles):classical music (instrumental, vocal, chamber, symphony), opera, operetta, musical, ballet, blues, ragtime, jazz, pop, rock, folk (country) music, electronique music, background music, incidental music.

2. Musical forms:piece, movement, sonata, area, fantasy, suite, rapsody, concerto, solo, duet, trio, quartet, quintet, sixtet (etc.), chorus.

3. Musical rhythms:polka, waltz, march, blues, ragtime, jazz, swing, bassanova, sambo, disco, rock.

4. Musical instruments:(string group): violin, viola, celo, bass, harp; (wind group): flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon; (brass group): trumpet, French horn, tuba; percussion, piano, accor­dion, guitar, saxophone, synthesizer, acoustic, electronique, electric instruments.

5. Music makers:composer, conductor, musician, soloist, virtuoso, minstreller group, team, band, orchestra.

6. Music making:to write authentically Russian, Afro-American, etc. musk, to compose, to arrange, to transcribe, to

make music/to perform, to improvise, to interpret, to accompany, tocomplete.

7. Musical equipment:tape-recorder, video cassette-recorder, tuner, amplifier, player, equalizer, (loud) speaker, turn-table.

8. Musical events:(made up) concert, recital, jam session, festival, competition.

9. Miscellany:major, flat, baton, bow, drum sticks, under the baton, single, album, track, record jacket (sleeve), score, spiritual, beat, video-clip, syncopation, harmony.

Names of Notes

Russian до ре ми фа соль ля си
English C D E F G A B